Meet Hagir Elsheikh

Meet Hagir Elsheikh, a powerhouse in the realms of leadership, entrepreneurship, and advocacy, serving as the Chairwoman and CEO of Hagir Network. With a rich set of roles as a Serial Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Political Analyst, Talk Show Host, Producer, Author, and Philanthropist, Hagir weaves a story of purpose and impact.

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Notable Achievements

Join us on Hagir Network for insightful content and impactful conversations that resonate globally and locally.

About "The Hagir Show”

Our educational, inspirational, and motivational talk show features interviews with individuals making a daily difference. Speaking on diverse global and social issues, from systemic racism to voting significance, domestic violence, and beyond, we create a space for impactful discussions. With programs presented in both English and Arabic, we strive for inclusivity and accessibility.

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Empowering Lives through Enlightened Minds

Hagir Elsheikh is a prominent figure in the political landscape, especially during crucial elections that stand to reshape both the United States and the global political scene. As an accomplished political analyst and democratic advisor, Speaker, Hagir brings invaluable expertise to Democratic candidates and the party, evidencing a profound commitment to democratic principles.

Her hands-on support and insightful commentary on political affairs reflect her deep engagement with and understanding of the dynamics at play in the democratic process.

Her active participation in political dialogue deeply informs her insight into the strategic necessities of navigating electoral challenges. This unique vantage point makes her an essential voice in offering nuanced analysis and commentary during election cycles, contributing significantly to a more comprehensive understanding of the implications of elections.

Beyond her analytical prowess, Hagir has significantly impacted the political dialogue through her platform, the Hagir Show. This show extends her reach in discussing global and social issues and plays a pivotal role in educating and inspiring a broad audience. The "Know Your Candidates" segment has become a cornerstone for political engagement and discourse, solidifying the Hagir Show as a respected venue for democratic candidates in Pennsylvania to connect with voters.

Her media appearances, including on BBC, France 24, MBN, TRT, ART, ABC, and WITF, underscore her status as a sought-after commentator and expert on US politics, elections, and foreign policy, with a special focus on the Middle East and North Africa.

These appearances further amplify her influence, allowing her to reach a wider audience and contribute to the global conversation on democracy and human rights.

Hagir Elsheikh's combination of activism, intellect, and insight into political matters ensures her profound impact on both local and international communities, marking her as a key figure in enriching political discourse and understanding during critical electoral periods.

Her contributions through the Hagir Show and various media appearances exemplify her commitment to fostering a well-informed public and a more equitable and democratic world.